For Sale By Owner

Are you trying to sell your home yourself?  Have you been trying for more than 30 days without much success?  If so, it’s time to hire me to professionally price, market, and get your hold sold.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful.  Let me make it easy for you!

I recently sold a home for my clients in less than 7 days with multiple offers!  The real estate market in Franklin is hot right now.  We have plenty of buyers, but there just are not enough houses on the market for them to choose from.  

How about this win-win offer to help you sell your home?

You continue to market your home yourself and use my services as a backup.

That’s right. If your efforts to sell your home in the time frame you select are unsuccessful, I will step in and professionally market your home to get it sold quickly and for the right price.

Here’s how my program works:

1. You and I agree on a future date for me to put your home on the market.
2. You continue to market your home in the meantime, and if you find a buyer, you proceed with the sale of your home on your own with no obligation to me.
3. If your home does not sell, I will launch an aggressive campaign to get your home sold quickly and at top price.

That’s it. No string attached.

You win by saving fees if you sell the home yourself, and you also win by allowing me to start preparing to market your home through my network of waiting buyers and other real estate professionals. Either way, you get your home sold.

Fill out the form below or call me at 770-561-4827 to find out more about the difference I can make for you.


Erik Tatum

Erik Tatum


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